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Lana @ h-lana
Pussy and Ass Sizes
15cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: She does not use her pussy in her play.
26 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Well stretched, can take huge toys easily. Still pretty tight on the first look.

Q: When did you start playing with your butt & how did everything begin?
A: My first time anal sex I was 18 years old, and I am addicted since that moment.

Q: Was your first anal with someone or solo?
A: With my first boyfriend.

Q: Was it spontaneous or was this something you’d wanted to try? Was that the first time you ever did anything with your butt?
A: I already fantasized about it, but it came quite spontaneous!

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: I love tapas Spanish food.

Q: Do you get recognized out on the streets by fans or familiars and if yes, how do they approach you?
A: Not have been recognized, yet 😉 I live in a big city!

Q: Do you do ass to mouth?
A: Yes.

Q: How did you get to the point where you could fit such massive objects in your ass? Is there a process you went through? A site you used for guidance?
A: Not a process I started 3 years ago with bigger toys and that never stopped! 🙂

Q: How has your talent impacted your sex life, do you still enjoy sex with a partner, or is it just not the same anymore?
A: At the moment I don’t have a boyfriend so I doesn’t impact my life. I also fuck my asshole when I am not online.

Q: Have you ever had a prolapse? And if so does it happen often?
A: Not have experienced that yet.

Q: Are you in a relationship at the moment?
A: No boyfriend, single for almost 4 years!

Toys used in Lovesanalxxx's Videos
American Bombshell Shell Shock
Circumference: 26.31cm
WAD Thermal Detonator
Circumference: 31.41cm
Mr Hankey’s Topher Michels Dildo
Circumference: 34.8cm
Mr Hankey’s Kalib
Circumference: 36.58cm
Mr. Hankey’s Seahorse Dildo
Circumference: 38.1cm
Mr Hankey’s Taintacle Dildo
Circumference: 31.11cm
Mr Hankey’s Dragon Dildo
Circumference: 32.39cm
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