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Tabby Tender
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Pussy and Ass Sizes
29cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Very loose pussy, easy to gape, she gets very creamy when she is punch fisted
25 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Well stretched

Q: How and when did you start stretching your oversized pussy?

Hi I started stretching 6 years ago. My bf got me a big dildo and I loved how it filled me up. Then he fisted me and after that I just wanted more.

Q: What are your stretching goals?
A: We continued to get bigger toys and now I can take the biggest toys made. I love my cunt being stretched to the maximum. I love pushing my limits more and more. I think the name of your site is great and I am honored to be a featured model

Q: When the girl is double fisting you on the video – it does not seem like it is a challenge for you. Both girls hands are just freely moving inside your hole. Is it really like that, or was it difficult to take two female hands?

A:It was no problem taking two girls fists in my pussy. my bf has a huge fist.

Q: How it is to live with oversized vagina, do you have any issues on daily basis like queef or wetting your panties cause of the shear size of your pussy etc? If a woman stretches her pussy like you did, is there any impact on your day?

A: I really dont have any issues with my big pussy except I cant wear certain panties comfortably because my lips hang over.

Q: How do you feel about being listed on “slackholes” – does the name suit you, do you feel like a slack hole?

A: Its a great name, I love having attention paid to me.

Q: I have noticed that your pussy is really creamy. Was it always like that?

A: My pussy has always been creamy and i cum very easy and multiple times.

Q: How long your stretching sessions usually last, can you be stretched for hours, or you like more intense and short play?

A: I need lots of prep before hard fisting with my bf ,he has huge hands. I do not need so much with a girl. my stretching sessions are usually 1 -2 hours

Q: You like to be punch-fisted a lot – is it easy for you, or you need a lot of preparation to be able to do that?

A: I do have a loose pussy but it is very sensitive and I have lots of feeling in it. The more i stretch the more swollen and sensitive it becomes. I have incredibly intense orgasms form fisting and big toys

Toys used in Tabby Tender's Videos
Mr. Hankey’s Boss Hogg Dildo
Circumference: 36.83cm
Kong Toy
Circumference: 30.94cm
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