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Pussy and Ass Sizes
36.5cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Big pussy with a resting gape. If tina opens her legs, you can imediately see inside her gape.
20 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Tina does not stretch her ass, yet.
Other Information

We interviewed Tina’s partner Fliegen, enjoy what he got to say below about her pussy and stretching progress.

Q: Tell me something about yourself
A: I have fisted a lot of girls in my life. All really loved to be fisted, but quite some where proud of „still being capable to squeeze a dick“ or afraid of getting really loose. Only very few love to become loose, and even fewer have a talent like her. Tina had a big smile on her face when she first time said to my „I do not even feel your cock anymore“!
That was a milestone for her!

Q: So how you guys met and how you got into stretching?
A: We met on Dehnsucht, and for long time, Tina wanted to be stretched, but could not find the right partner. Tina always dreamt of having such a loose cunt. I really comes from herself

Q: There is something about her pussy, she simply stays open even after no insertions. Great example of perma-gape pussy. How is it to fuck her pussy?
A: It is just fantastic to fuck Tina. I love this completely loose feeling. Then I add a fist, not to stretch her – a single fist plus a huge dick is a joke for her cunt – but just to make feel it at all! I love it!

Q: What are your stretching goals?
A: We want and will get to the absolute limit of stretchability and openness. We are on a very fast journey to „biggest cunt in the world“
That is the special thing about Tina: she wants it so much herself! Selene is our idol in terms of stretchability, Helen and Alexis are idols for wrecked openness

Q: Tell me something about your training routine
A: Currently she „wears“ the 9cm egg for hours during the day or sometimes overnight. We always double fist during our play. We play for hours and in between I also „just“ fuck, but as mentioned above, she does not feel anything when I do it and I quickly add a fist then

Q: How about any recent progress?

A: She trains regularly. Like daily or every second day. However, sometimes there has been a week with no exercise and before she jumped last Friday on Brynhild there was a 2 weeks break with no exercise and no sex. The unbelievable part is that always after such a break her curb has grown significantly. As if it somehow reacts to earlier stretching impulse and that takes some time and asks for some Pause to happen. Fascinating!


Toys used in Tina & Fliegen's Videos
Brynhild dildo from Organotoy
One Size
Circumference: 38.1cm
Organotoy Egg XL
Circumference: 27.94cm
One Size
Circumference: 28cm
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