Press Release

There are some crazy places on the internet. We are used to see porn actors sorted by race, body type, bust size or hair color. But one important parameter was always taboo. This is about to change thanks to newly emerged platform for stretching addicts. Slackholes is listing its members and size-queens by their pussy or ass size!

Its like Wikipedia about the biggest holes in amateur and professional porn. ,,The Bigger Pussy you got, the cooler you are” this statement is true at least in this new social network for stretching addicts. 


The Bigger Pussy you got, the cooler you are!

Platform aims to connect the size-queens with influencers and enthusiasts to help promote them. Newly launched Community has been pretty busy and already has few thousand active members.

Collaborating with girthiest stretching talents including Argendana, Bionegetone, Hotkinkyjo, Siswet, Tabby Tender and many more, you can know them better by reading interviews, watching videos, adding them on socials and finding out which toys they like.

Also there has been progress in the Mr Hankey´s Goliath Dildo Challenge. For those who don’t know, Goliath is the one dildo that so many try and fail to conquer, but recently Selene conquered this giant.


Have a look for yourself!