Kong Toy

Size: XXL
9.9 cm
30.94 cm

Kong toy is a toy originally designed for dogs, and bitches off course. Over the course of time it became popular for its shape for Vaginal insertions. Not really suitable for anal use. This is a cheap everyday object turned into sextoy by many people who like to stretch their holes, or wear something inside them. Shape of this toy makes it suitable for long term insertion, even though there may be some risks related to material used.

If you look for everyday object that you can use as sextoy, look no further. Just be careful with selecting the right size for you. If in doubt, buy larger as you will enjoy to train your hole to take this thing.

Kong Toy Size Chart
Size Diameter at widest point Total Length Description
X-Small 1.40″ 2.25″ Pretty much useless for all but the tightest holes. No wider than the average cock.
Small 1.75″ 3.00″ Still not very useful for stretching. Slightly wider than the average cock.
Medium 2.25″ 3.50″ Good for a beginner who is just starting to stretch. Slightly thinner than the average cucumber.
Large 2.75″ 4.00″ Good size for someone who is accustomed to being fisted or taking fairly large objects. Slightly wider than a US standard 12 oz soda can.
X-Large 3.50″ 5.00″ You should be fairly experienced before attempting this size. Half inch wider than a US standard 1 liter soda bottle.
XX-Large 3.88″ 6.00″ You should be a stretching master before trying this bad boy! Slightly thinner than a US standard 2 liter soda bottle.


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