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Pussy and Ass Sizes
26cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Beautifuly stretched and gaping pussy
20 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: She is able to fist her ass and gape
Other Information

Gender: Female
Birthday: Apr 1, 1991
Age: 28Height: 5′ 1″ (154cm)
Weight: 122lbs. (55kg)
Hair Color: Brunette
Relationship status: Taken


Q: How and when did you get into stretching and extreme insertion?
A: My boyfriend definitely gets all the credit for getting into stretching. It’s something that we started doing about 5 years ago. My progress is somewhat slow. I wish my pussy was bigger already to be honest. It’s just a lot of upkeep maintaining a loose pussy. Things want to tighten up so quickly

Q: What are your current stretching goals?
A: Double fisting & feeling my bf easily jerk his cock off inside of me are DREAMS.

Q: You have a kong toy, have you tried to “wear” it under your clothes or sleep with it?
A: I’ve definitely worn my kong toy under my clothes and while I’m out and about. I’ve also worn my Perfect Tunnel Plug for long periods as well. Personally its not too comfortable for my cervix to use toys with holes for too long though. I’ll be getting a new egg for this soon. I have never tried to sleep with a toy inside me though.

Q: I have seen your spanking video – how is your relation with bdsm, are you a submissive? do you enjoy pain?
A: Yes, pain can be very good. Generally I’m more submissive overall, but I do enjoy switching those roles. SPH is big for us & one of the reasons my bf wanted me to start stretching in the first place.

Q: How do you feel an average or less than average cock?
A: If I stretched right before then the pressure of his dick inside me is extremely decreased. I guess that’s the best way to describe it. That’s really what you feel when you fuck, his dick pushing its way into you. When I’m freshly stretched wide I still feel him sliding in, but its just the feeling of his dick sliding in alongside my pussy flesh. It’s so easy and sloppy. Really, that sloppy feeling is a HUGE turn on for me. I get off on being sloppy coupled with all of our dirty talk. Either I’m degrading him for being small or he’s talking shit to me for being loose. We both love it so much that the looseness helps us reach orgasm instead of inhibiting it. Most of the videos I’ve made are done right before I go fuck him. Those are my pre-fuck stretch sessions. If I haven’t been freshly stretched my bf still complains it’s not loose enough and his cock is definitely more intense than if I’m stretched. I’ve fucked a few other people in the past couple years and they were extremely underwhelming. Just regular fucking without the humiliation or connection that I have with my partner just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Maybe if those hookups were into it like we are it could’ve been fun but it just wasn’t there.


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Mr Hankey’s Topher Michels Dildo
Circumference: 34.8cm
Organotoy Egg XL
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Mr Hankey’s Stump N’Dump Dildo
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Mr. Hankey’s Boss Hogg Dildo
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Kong Toy
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