Pussy and Ass Sizes
35cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: She can easily gape and prolapse her pussy
19 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: She does not do much anal play
Other Information

Weight: 51kg

Height: 152 cm

Nationality: Canada

I’m canadian married mom and absolutely love gaping, abusing and fist fucking and punching my hungry slutty sloppy cunt! Sometimes both holes.


Q: What is your dream job?
A: If only it were possible to have a mistress out there willing to pay me to be her sub to use and destroy my holes! I would really love that ????

Q:What made you start gaping ?
A: I’m a good little whore ??but seriously stumbled on it in porn when I was 16 and fantasizes about it in secret as most know it’s shameful to be “loose” when you are young until I met my husband who was also a closet fisting and stretching porn freak who had always wanted to fist and stretch a woman and well 5 years later we are still together I’m looser then ever and we plan on making it even looser for your viewing pleasure ????

Q: How old are you & do you enjoy having your ass fucked, fisted & eaten as much as your beautiful cunt?
A: I’m 26 and I do what ever my husband wants me to do I’m a good whore who loves ALL her holes gaped, used, destroyed and cum in

Q: Can you still feel a cock in that beautiful cum dumping gap you have?

A: I hate this question can I still feel a cock of course I can I’m not dead I still have nerve endings in my pussy so do I still feel a cock yes! Can I still cum on a normal cock yes! Although has to be rough! Can the guy feel anything well nah but that’s how it’s suppose to be ??

Q: What’s the largest thing you want to be able to fit in your cervix?
A: My husbands fist ?? at minimum his cock

Q: If you are familiar with Raisa Wetsx how long do you think it will be until you can prolapse your womb and cervix like her?
A:Well I’m hoping kids will help ??but god damn I love that girl and would love to have her destroy me while I destroy her!

Q: Have you given any thoughts to have your ass gapped and fisted
A: Lord all mighty please grant me strength of patience… I will answer this for like the 8 millionth time ya’ll, I ACTUALLY FISTED MY ASS BEFORE I EVER STRETCHED MY CUNT. I have VIDS AND PICS if you go through my blog a little further back my loves you will see my own fist in my ass and if you go to my profile on ManyVids and go towards my earlier vids they are all ass stretching. As for everyone telling me to post more ass stuff, just gotta say I stretch what I want when I want and frankly I love working on my cunt destruction and breeding the most ???????? sorry y’all hate repeating myself more than anything! Just READ and LOOK through my profile before you send me a question or a pic of your dick

Q: Does the thought of getting pregnant and giving birth excite you? It’s the ultimate pussy stretching challenge, you know.
A: EVERY aspect of it turns me on! Hence, why I want it to so bad for me but ALSO for you guys as I plan on sharing my pregnancy gape adventures if y’all help me get bred by fulfilling my “BREED THIS BITCH FUND”

Q:Would you rather have a cunt that tightens back up so you can enjoy stretching it all over again, or one that stays loose and ruined like it is now?
A: Hell nah I would keep it loose! WAAAAAAYYYYYY more fun this way honestly!

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