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26cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Fistable, beautifully gaping young pussy.
21 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Virgin ass
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Q: How and when did you realize that you are into fisting, stretching etc?
A: Little by little, we are a couple, and we are together about a lot of years. So, for me (male) has always been one of my favorite thing, and for Her is something that she like!

Q: you have few videos showing your prolapsed pussy – when did you start prolapsing and how far you want to go with that?
A: for us is just matter of ”enjoy in a funny way”.. so we don’t know.. but we like it, I think the we can improve!

Q: what turns you on sharing your videos and pics? You like naughty comments, or what is it that makes you share your playtime?
A: Is something that keeps our complicity High, something funny! We really HATE naughty comments, and we are really surprised that on Porn Hub (is the only web site where you can see our videos), more than 90% of messages we receive are gentle and cute. I Block every one that send us strange or dirty message (but they are very few)

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