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29.9cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Genuinely loose pussy, still snaps back pretty well.
15 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: She does not do much anal play.
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Q: Tell us, how and long time ago have you realized that you love stretching and huge insertion?

A: So, I first learned I was in to size like in 2014-ish… I had always (by some magic of the universe) dated/fucked guys with well above average dicks. In like 2014-ish I started dating a guy who I thought was small (turns out he was average). He had a size fetishes and encouraged me to try bigger and bigger toys. I am pretty sure I have always been into size but it took someone pushing me a little to really embrace my inner size queen. I started pretty slowly at first trying slightly bigger toys than my rabbit and as I found that I liked those he would surprise me with slightly bigger toys. I would play with those till they were not a challenge then move on to something bigger. After I got a Great American Challenge I was hooked on trying to go bigger and bigger! It is kinda a lame story but every size queen has to start somewhere!

Q: I was browsing your twitter and one picture caught my attention, girl suspended so that any men that are around can use her as they will, girl is blindfolded and all her holes are accessible for use.

Is this something that would turn you on in virtual space? Tell us what turns you on this and why have you posted it to your twitter.

A: Omg so much YES to all of this! So recently I have been starting to be more and more interested in a little bit of BDSM ( very very light lol). I also think part of the reason this turned me on was because I am finally single again. Right now I am at this point in my life where I was with the same dick for way to long so now I just want as many as I can get. I also have been dreaming of a gangbang. I guess the reason I posted it was cause it was hot to put myself in that situation where I could just be used by who ever was around. I also used to work in an office with lots of men who were sexy as fuck so this totally is a fantasy I have had (don’t judge men in suits just turn me on).

Q: Many women into stretching and extreme insertions are somehow connected to BDSM, what is your story? Submissive, masochist or anything like that?

A:As of right now I would label myself as a switch. In my real life I am pretty conservative and tend to be a bit shy and timid (till I get to know people then I don’t shut up). I like knowing that I am secretly a skank who just can not be satisfied, it is a fun little secret that very few people know about me. I am just now starting to get into the BDSM space. So far I have played around with being tied down, gagged and forced to fuck what ever my dick of the day wanted me to fuck ( like a wine bottle). I am currently supper turned on by being whipped and almost punished… On the flip side I have also been loving making boys my little cum slaves. Mmmm nothing is sexier than making a man lick his own cum out of my pussy. Mmm turns me on just thinking about it. Personally I feel like it is a natural progression for women like size to play in the BDSM space as most size queens like the challenge of seeing just how much they can handle.

Q: Tell us about your goals, how big you would want to be one day?

A:Um… how long do we have here… my list of #SexGoals is straight up endless. I have always been the kind of person who wants experiences (like I would rather spend my money going to the farmers market then on cable) the best part about sex is it is never the same twice. I am going to brag here, I am actually not that stretched on the day to day (Kegel exercises are my friend). Most of the time it takes a few warm up toys for me to be able to take what I actually want. As far as how big do I want to be able to go… is “as big as I can,” an answer? I have this one giant toy (it does not have a name) that has been in the back of my closet for a while now… that is my main goal at the moment. Don’t worry I will make a video as soon as I can take it! I don’t have a partner currently so well I don’t give a fuck what people think. I will say this is 100% s part of who I am so if I do find a partner they will have to be cool with it or it ain’t gonna work.

Q: Do you have any wishlist?

A: I do but most of my wishes are not on amazon so if anyone is looking to spoil me with toys hit me up ( I make a custom video for anyone who gets me a toy).

Q:  I know that you are owner of GAC Dildo, tell us how was your first experience after it came in, was it easy to take full inside or you had to train to get it in?

A: Ok so the GAC is my FAVORITE TOY OF ALL TIME! Look I know everyone’s first time is special but my first time with the GAC was truly magical! The first time I used it I def struggled a little bit mainly with the head. Once I was able to get the head in it was smooth sailing. The first time I took it I think I was able to get in like 7 inches and I was sore the day after. It took me a bit to really be able to ride him hard. Now Mr.GAC is a warm up for me I can pop him in and take 10 inches of him easy. One of my favorite feelings is pushing it deeper in me right as I am about to cum. I think I am going to go play with him right after I get done with this!

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