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28cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Genuinely stretched out pussy
27 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Big meaty and loose

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Hello out there, this is Yanasincell just giving you a little info on yours truly, im a home grown psycho with a lot of spit and fire for you all to fall in love with, Sex Tattoos and Rock&roll are my passion, im 5’8 and 120lbs, so think big when you think of me cause im the girl thats going to set that ass on fire.



Interview taken from Yana’s video on pornhub where she was interviewed by her Master.

Q: Saw your last video, that pussy got some major elasticity in it.
A: Snap Back!

Q: How tall are you? And how much you weigh, roughly.
A: 5′ 8″ and 120lb

Q: How such a small body can have a pussy that stretch SO MUCH? Give us your insight, do you train, how do you train and get ready for some action?
A: Yeah.

Q: What really got you into fisting and pussy stretching?
A: There was this guy (Yana looks at her master) and he just kind of shown it to me, it took like four months, but once his fist was inside me that was it.

Q: What is the biggest thing you ever had in your pussy?
A: Eggplant?

Q: So you were in a grocery store and went “lets take this and see if it fits in my pussy”?
A: Yes, pretty much.

Q: I see double ring on your hand, so you got a man?
A: Yes

Q: Does she like to watch you work on cam?
A: Yeah, for sure.

Q: Do you work with anybody else, girl?
A: No.

Q: So, you are on Pornhub?
A: Yeah, twitter, Instagram, Manyvids, Chaturbate, Modelcams, Itsmygirl, just type Yanasincell and I am everywhere.

Q: What is the biggest toy that you can get all the way in?
A: I think is The Destroyer

Q: Do you prefer ass stretching or pussy stretching?
A: I love both, you can’t compare one to the other.

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