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Pussy and Ass Sizes
15cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: She Doesn't Pussy Play in Her Videos
30.5 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Big stretched and gaping hole. Prolapse Trainee
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Gender: Female
Interested in: Guys and Girls
Turn Ons: Anal play, anal stretching, fisting, DP, DAP, squirting


Ass Size Confirmation:


Q: Tell us how and when you realized you love to put big things in your ass?
A: I was always attracted to anal, but I never thought of fisting, never thought of stretching my ass. When I met other fetishists, a friend encouraged me to try to stretch my ass. So I started and I was delighted to do that, so much that I couldn’t stop anymore. This happened just two years ago. I started late, but I want to make up for lost time.

Q:How often do you play with your ass?
A: Nowadays I play with my ass once or twice a week, whenever I can.

Q: So are you actively trying to make your ass wider and deeper, or you just play? Do you have any goals?
A: Both. I’m trying to make my ass wider and I love just play. I don’t train depth. My goal now is to get the double fist. Once I succeed, I will set another goal

Q: So how is your normal stretching routine? Can you describe your “normal” play?
A: I usually start with a 7cm plug and stay with him for about an hour. Then I start to play with bigger toys. I always try to include something different, a bottle, a vegetable or fruits. It’s my routine.

Q: What do you do that hour while you are plugged in your ass? Watch porn, or go outside for a walk?
A: Nothing so glamorous… I usually do housework :))

Q: What is it about sharing videos on Pornhub, what turns you on sharing your playtime videos?
A: I like to share my videos, I love to know that people like what I do and have fun watching my videos. I feel like I’m having sex with everyone.

Q: What are your favorite toys, and what lube do you use?
A: I prefer plugs than dildos and I like to expel balls, oranges, apples. I look for different things to play into markets and even pet shops. I have two balls that are dog toys. I use J lube.

Q: Well, one has to be creative! What was the most crazy object that you have fucked?
A: Most crazy? I don’t know … For those who like to insert objects, nothing is too crazy! I’ve already inserted shampoo bottles, bottles, rolling pin, egg beater, fruits, vegetables, candles and a gear stick…

Toys used in TeresaFilosofa's Videos
Mr Hankey’s Solatok Dildo
Circumference: 38.1cm
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