Pussy and Ass Sizes
22cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Her pussy can take female fist or BAM dildo.
38 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Legendary anal insertion depth and girth

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Other Information

Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Height: 176 cm – 5 feet and 9 inches
Weight: 60 kg – 132 lbs
Nationality: Holland
Languages:Dutch, English, German
Piercings: Belly Piercing

What turns Elise on:

Public sex, new huge toys, trying out new things, kinky stuff, rimming and playing with a guys ass, punishment, pain, pull my hair and strangle my throat. I also like to punish someone a little :p


Collaborates with Cherryflowerxxx, and  Mistress Noir


Q:When did you start playing with your butt (age) & how did everything begin?
A: I was 16 when I got my first Anal, but I train my Ass for about 4 years now. I just keep buying bigger toys.

Q: Was your first anal with someone or solo?
A: With someone

Q: Was it spontaneous or was this something you’d wanted to try? Was that the first time you ever did anything with your butt?
A: We discussed it for a few months before we tried, and I tried a finger myself offcourse before doing it.

Q: There’s a very, very large plug you have – looks far over 10 cm wide, red… Seems you don’t use it. Do you intend to take it some day or is it too much you think?
A: I don’t use the big red plug because chaturbate doesn’t allow it, it’s to wide in diameter

Q: What is your favourite food?
A: My favorite food is BOERENKOOL it’s a Dutch cabbage loll.. I also like chicken and pizza

Q: Do you get recognized out on the streets by fans or familiars and if yes, how do they approach you?
A: Yes I got recognized, I’m my town they know now so they don’t ask strange things, I try to stay out of the way from the haters. Sometimes when someone approach then it’s a fan and they ask if it’s me from the website.

Q: What’s the story behind your username?
A: My sisters always called me SIS 😂 and because I’m always wet I called it Siswet.

Q: Do you do ass to mouth?
A: Yes I do.

Q: How did you get to the point where you could fit such massive objects in your ass? Is there a process you went through? A site you used for guidance?
A: I train my ass myself I don’t use guidance only buy bigger toys every time, and if it’s fits nicely then buy a bigger one!

Q: How has your talent impacted your sex life, do you still enjoy sex with a partner, or is it just not the same anymore?
A: Sex is not changed because I perform anal with my toys, if I play with real cock I prefer it in my Pussy while I fist my own ass at the same time.

Q: Well that does it for me. Can you feel or even grab /jerk off the cock inside your pussy while at it?
A: I feel it yes, I can’t grab it lol

Q: Would you ever consider opening up a website to bypass chaturbates silly rules and do more dirty stuff? I loved seeing your friend try and elbow fist you.
A: Yes I hope to give a few shows every week in 2019 on cam4 , they don’t have rules

Q: I really like your elbow deep fisting video, is there any chance to see something like that again? Maybe with some belly bulge action?
A: Yes I’m planning allot of new content in the new year


Q: Have you ever had a prolapse? And if so does it happen often?
A: I can prolapse, I doesn’t happen to me if I didn’t want to do

Q: Would you explain your pre-show preparation more precisely? Do you have kind of a routine? Or do you just “guess” that you are clean enough?
A: No I’m sure I’m clean😂I do a enema every show / day

Q: Are you into dirtier and more extreme stuffs like scat?
A: It’s not my thing, but I try to please all my customers but pee and poo I prefer to pass😬

Q: Are you in a relationship at the moment?
A: No I had boyfriends but they always get jealous after a while, so now I’m single. I tried a girl/girl relationship but that’s also not my thing. I like pussy don’t get me wrong, but not for a long term relationship.

Toys used in Siswet (Siswet19)'s Videos
WAD Thermal Detonator
Circumference: 31.41cm
Mr Hankey’s Beowulf Dildo
Circumference: 30.48cm
Mr Hankey’s Kalib
Circumference: 36.58cm
Organotoy Egg XL
Circumference: 27.94cm
Doc Johnson Rockeye Dildo
One Size
Circumference: 27.94cm
Mr. Hankey’s Seahorse Dildo
Circumference: 38.1cm
Mr Hankey’s Taintacle Dildo
Circumference: 31.11cm
Mr. Hankey’s Goliath Dildo
One Size
Circumference: 40.30cm
Mr Hankey’s Dragon Dildo
Circumference: 32.39cm
Mr. Hankey’s Boss Hogg Dildo
Circumference: 36.83cm
Social, Links and Contacts Chaturbate: https://chaturbate.com/siswet19
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/model/siswet
Modelhub: https://www.modelhub.com/siswet
Twitter: https://twitter.com/siswet
Manyvids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1002290499/SiswetLive
Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/siswet19
Snapchat: siswetlive
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