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Marie Kaleida
@ mariekaleida
Pussy and Ass Sizes
36cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Very large vagina - 30 cm deep.
22.2 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Well stretched
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Hi I’m Marie, I’m a 30 yr old mom and do content creation full time! I love creating content and getting creative while also having fun- I’ve never felt sexier than I do when I’m in my studio having fun with my toys! I stretch 2-3 times per week. My life is pretty busy being a full time mom plus all of my other responsibilities, but I try to fit in a little fun time with my toys (or a fist!) at least a few nights per week.

Q: How did you get into stretching?

A: I actually got into stretching at the suggestion of my husband. He has a kink for large toys and insertions and asked me one night if I’d be willing to try! I was hesitant but finally got some fantasy toys and fell in love with them! I kept going bigger and bigger, I’m super competitive so I want to be the best!
Q: Do you have a goal? If so, what?

A: I don’t have a set goal, well I suppose it changed frequently. My current goal is to reach 15” circumference and I’m sure I’ll have another larger goal after that!

Q: Did it help that you gave birth?

A: I don’t know if giving birth helped or not, I don’t have any experience stretching before so I can’t say yes or no, but I’d assume it has helped some!

Q: Do you have a stretching routine?

A: My routine normally involves warming up with “smaller” toys first and working my way up to my biggest ones! It takes me about 45-1 hour to warm up well enough to take my biggest ones.

Q: Do you have a stretched for example?

A:  I don’t have a stretcher but I do have some favorite toys I go to.


Q: Do you have a favorite toy for stretching?

A: My favorite toy to start with is my XXL Trotter from All Night Toys. It has a nice taper and really gets me opened up enough to move to the next size! Plus it feels amazing:)

Q: Do you prefer thick or long?

A: I enjoy both extreme length and extreme girth, but if I had to pick one, I’d probably pick girth!

Q: Do you want a permanently loose cunt?

A:  I love having a stretchy and loose pussy!

Q: On your videos, you mostly stretch your vagina. Why do you prefer it over your anal?

A: I enjoy vaginal penetration over anal just because vaginal is easier for me. I do some anal stretching as well, but not nearly as big as my pussy can take!

Q: Do you have any tips for beginners?

A: My tips for other stretchers is to use REALLY good lube like K Lube. It makes a huge difference. Work your way up slowly, tapered toys help a lot. I also love to warm my toys and lube up before I use them in a warm water bath!


Toys used in Marie Kaleida's Videos
Mr. Hankey’s Boss Hogg Dildo
Circumference: 36.83cm
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