Pussy and Ass Sizes
31cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: True size queen
15 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: She does not do much anal play
Other Information

Age : 25
Height : 163cm,
Weight:50 kg,
Size: 95-60-88


Below is her Bio from her website:

Welcome on my site. It’s now 5 years I’m putting online my secret blog : fisting myself, getting fisted, double fisted, stuffed with huge objects, veggies, dongs, or just bare hand stretched and gaping wide to the camera. Every week since then, I had new experiences, new toys, new challenges.

My story is short, I’m not that old ;)… I love sex, and Nature gave me the biggest pussy a fisting lover can dream of. So i’m stuffing myself with everything I can think of, in the most weird way.

This site have been created because after I posted some photos of me online, hiding my face, some enthusiastic people asked for video, high quality photos, and more about me. I decided to make a website so I can long full length movies, all my photos, etc. Now we’re a community of fans and I love this relation with the members : they ask, react, propose, challenge. I’m going every week further in my passion.

Playing with my pussy have always been a game for me. I’m rather shy and in the same time, I want extreme experiences and to share them. I’m not a pornstar and never will be : I’m not interesting in faking orgasms or doing things I dislike. So this is my humble website, I’m putting online my video and photos and nowhere else; and I’m sure I can get the biggest sextoy in the world.

I just love big insertions, fisting, new and strong sensations. If you like my movies and photos, if you share my passion in fisting and huge sex toys, join my little and growing community : you’ll have fun and I’d like you to bring your fantasies to the screen!


Toys used in Layla Extreme's Videos
Doc Johnson The Great American Challenge
One Size
Circumference: 24cm
WAD Thermal Detonator
Circumference: 31.41cm
Domestic Partner Enigma Dildo
One Size
Circumference: 30.5cm
TSX Caterpillar Dildo
One Size
Circumference: 26cm
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