Pussy and Ass Sizes
35cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: She is able to take three fists in her pussy.
16 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: She does not do much anal play
Other Information

One of few females who have challenged and almost conquered Mr. Hankey’s Goliath dildo.

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Q:How and when did you guys realize that you like stretching?

A: My husband and I were drinking and shower drinking and drinking up til bed time. We decided to have sex,you know Penis-Vagina sex. Well after a while he started sticking his fingers in one by one and he eventually balled his fist. After he took 3 fingers out and started pushing and I started pushing with my hands on the bottom of the couch and I pushed with all my weight and got his hand in without lube. I didn’t admit it but I was hooked in that moment. The next day we got lube and tried it again. I was really hooked but still wouldn’t admit it. I was 2 months from turning 21 and fought myself a lot for those 2 months on what I wanted to do. By my 21st birthday I thought 1 fist loose could be repaired. But the truth is I was addicted. By my 22nd birthday we had 2 fists inside my pussy, and I thought if we stopped there I would be 1 fist loose at most. Now that I’m 23 I can take three fists in my pussy for a min or two. I can take 2 fists and a penis all night. I can be double fisted in my sleep and I have birthed so many objects that I should have a prolapse!

Q: Three fists inside such a small body is simply mind blowing. There are only few woman that have achieved that, well done. How did you make the choice to buy Goliath dildo?

A: Well I never looked at sex toys until I took both fists and it was comfortable. I mean don’t get me wrong he has looked at plugs and small dildos. One day i said do they make bigger sex toys and he said “well I have  been looking for a little while” and there is Bad Dragon, but none of those really peaked my interest, and there is Hankeys Toys, so we kept looking and when I made a decision on Goliath he seemed like I was making a big choice so we agreed that we needed to do more aka pulling both fists apart and playing with extra big things. We had 6 months to help make me bigger. Tax time came around and right before he ordered Goliath he made sure that I was ready. We ordered it and around 5 days later I opened and soaped up the toy and when he got home I said it came and walked him into the bedroom and said it may not fit right away but that’s okay we will work up to it. That night we played for a couple min with Goliath. We posted a 50 second clip, to see if people wanted to see it and it went crazy.
Q: So Bad Dragon did not get your interest? They got some really interesting and popular dildos like Flint etc.

A: I dont play with Goliath very often because I love feeling skin. Bad dragon hasn’t really interested me though he wanted one for me and i was intrigued to glow in the dark. We tried to order from there. They lost our order and wanted to fight a refund and wouldn’t expedite the process either. Even though we waited 8 weeks.

Q:I loved the video that you have posted over the christmas where he was trying to fit his knee inside your pussy. Do you think that this kind of insertion will become possible soon. You have really small body frame compare to the insertions that you are making, do you feel that you are near your physical limit? Some people use to say that they feel the hip bones, do you think you are anywhere close?

A: His knee has gone inside me before. Just depends on the load of playing before I try. I do not feel near the limit yet. Most we have even done is Goliath and 4 fingers. Still dont feel near the limit. My hips have moved out over the three years of playing. I was a 0 and now i am a 2 because of my hips.

Q: Do you plan any anal play in the future?
A: No, she hates her ass being played with.

Q: What is the next challange?
A: Triple fisting fully. Also depth and maybe a little cervix play. So in other words have a few things we wanna try this year!

Q: What is your favourite lube?
A: We use Astro Glide water based gel and KY jelly water based. 2 parts Astro to 1 part KY. Perfect mix for us.

Q: Do you keep a big toy inside while sleeping? Any tricks to keep your pussy ready all the time?
A: No, never been able to for more than a couple hours and that was a tunnel plug. The tricks are time and nightly stretching. (At least 4 times a week) if your just starting out do 2-3 times a week though. Pain is gain as long as it doesn’t make you cry.

Q: How many orgasm do you have in a fisting session?
A: I would say a good 5 to 10 little orgasms or 2 big orgasms. Otherwise we don’t do anything in between fisting sessions because that is sex for us.

Q: You still have normal sex and do you feel an average cock?
A: We occasionally do while my hand restores feeling and she can one section at a time.

Q: Have you ever been with another woman? Any chance we might see you fisted by another woman?
A: She has only ever been with me. No chance at this current time. Its on her bucket list.

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