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Pussy and Ass Sizes
24cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Fistable pussy. Sometimes she stretched her cooch too.
40 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Her asshole is trained and extremely stretched.
Other Information

Occupation: Porn Star
Date of birth: 1976.06.07 (42)
Gender: Female
Sign: Gemini
Status: Open relationship
Languages: English and Spanish
Hair Color: Redhead
Eye Color: Green
Orientation: Bisexual
Breast Size: Natural 28A
Body Type: Athletic & Toned

Recently Argendana started collaborating with Michelle Turner and was able to take a full foot with ankle inside her asshole.





Q: Argendana, what does that nickname mean?
A: Dana from Argentina is why the nickname.

Q: Are you a porn lover?
A: I am really a sex lover and a fetishist, I like movies, film cameras and filming my own material. I like to watch classic porn movies or rather of the 80s, when I have obvious free time!

Q: In your short films and long play films you see almost everything focused on the anal, what is the reason?

A: Actually not everything, there is a lot of oral and vaginal material filmed by me as well, the anal comes from the fact that my ability to dilate anally was a rage about 15 years ago with a producer friend when he found out and from there we began filming attempts at scenes where my anal talent.

Q: Fifteen years ago? 

A: Fifteen years ago I started filming, not with the quality of today, the cameras were very basic. When did you start to dilate anally? At very young age, I started masturbating anally, soon I tried dildo toys, then almost instantly I tried anally and then from there it was a race for the increase in size. Every time look for bigger toys.

Q: How did you do it back then?

A: There were no lubricants like today, at that time I used hand and vegetable creams (something like crisco). Nor in Argentina there were many dildos, most of all very small size, so I knew what they call fisting.

Q: Did you start fisting for lack of dildos?

A: Something like that, in principle I received a hand before knowing that they said Fisting to that practice. It was in fact my own hand. At the time of my boyfriend of that moment. For that I needed a lot of time of previous relaxation and a lot of cream and to introduce objects of smaller to greater size previously.


Q: How did you achieve such anal expansion?

A: It is a bit of natural talent, not all people naturally receive something big. I talk about more than 2 “inches anally at the first time they do it, without feeling pain I mean) it was not painful at all, there that add desire to achieve and excitement. I recommend that the act of dilatation (open the ass more and more) should be taken with patience and with great care more than anything if it is anal, also keep it daily playing with the dildos and toys that we have bigger.

Q: Does the lubricant influence?

A: It depends, there are those who do not use more than water, this can be painful, but as I said before there are organisms that manage to dilate easily, both men and women, I met a boy fan of mine who told me that he only used warm water to receive plugs of 3, 5 “. I use Vegetalina (vegetable shortening) and polyethylene type polyethylene lubricants, also known as j lube or k lube, in addition to common type lubricants, water based gel. I recommend using a lot, especially to start from scratch, I mean those who want to start on this, put inside the ass itself and on the toy too.

Q: How do you clean your ass?

A: With a lot of warm water inside beforehand, until it is clean, I can take 30 minutes in the whole process, then you have to wait an hour to start playing to the extreme, this way the ass is dry inside and the lubricant makes better effect .

Q: What is your biggest sexual desire?

A: I have no way of putting it into practice but I would like to receive three woman’s hands in my ass! I have almost completed all my fantasies. I would love to have latex catsuits, but unfortunately in my country you don’t get any of this. I want to get horse dildos for the future.

Q: What is your craziest fantasy?

A: One of my naughty fantasy is that a horse fucks my ass.

Toys used in Argendana's Videos
Mr Hankey’s Latin Lover Dildo
Circumference: 31cm
Doc Johnson The Great American Challenge
One Size
Circumference: 24cm
Mr Hankey’s Topher Michels Dildo
Circumference: 34.8cm
Mr Hankey’s Beowulf Dildo
Circumference: 30.48cm
Mr Hankey’s Chorizo N’Eggs
Circumference: 34.1cm
Mr Hankey’s Ogre Dildo
Circumference: 42.54cm
Mr. Hankey’s Seahorse Dildo
Circumference: 38.1cm
Mr. Hankey’s Goliath Dildo
One Size
Circumference: 40.30cm
Mr Hankey’s Dragon Dildo
Circumference: 32.39cm
Mr. Hankey’s Boss Hogg Dildo
Circumference: 36.83cm
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