Mr Hankey’s Chorizo N’Eggs

Size: XXXL
10.9 cm
34.1 cm

Actors that use this toy:
Argendana / Freakslutsage / wild-ones

Are you hungry? Fill your holes with some mouth-watering Chorizo n’ Eggs! Place your order and let our chef’s whip you up a hefty uncut chorizo sausage with two perfectly cooked, hard-boiled, low-hanging eggs. This bad-boy is sure to fill the hungriest of holes, our robust sausage and eggs will leave you nice and full, just be sure to eat it all, don’t leave any on your plate!

Dick shaped big dildo from Hankeys’. You can order the toy with a  VAC-U lock if you wish to use strapon in your play, and the toy comes in selection of colors and firmness. Please make sure to check the sizing with the manufacturer as we don’t take any responsibility for sizes listed on this website.

Chorizo N’Eggs Dildo Size Chart
Chorizo N’Eggs Dildo Small Medium LG/XL XXL XXXL
Circumference near head 6.20″ 7.50″ 8.70″ 9.90″ 11.88″
Circumference near centre 7.00″ 7.50″ 9.80″ 11.20″ 13.44″
Circumference near base 6.75 8.00″ 9.30″ 10.60″ 12.94″
Overall length 8.10″ 9.50″ 11.00″ 12.00″ 14.38″
Insertable length 6.20″ 7.30″ 8.50″ 9.60″ 12.20″
Strapon Ring Size 2.50″ 3.00″ 3.00″ N/A N/A


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