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Nikoletta Joy 💣
@ nikolettajoy
Pussy and Ass Sizes
25cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Double fistable.
28 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Double fistable with big potential.
Other Information

Height: 180cm
Hair color: Brunette
Nationality: Russia


Q:How and when did you start with stretching?
A:I started vaginal fisting in 2014, anal fisting in 2017.

Q:What are your goals?
A:I would like to get Goliath completely inside me.

Q:You have a nice green color, is it special for you?
A: It was made especially for me. I call him the Hulk.

Q: Imagine if you were living with a real hulk! You fuck with him as a man and then his penis turns into Goliath/Hulk sizemid-fuck, painful but very sexy for me. Could you share your wildest fantasy with us?

A: I like this idea of male penis being able to transform into the size of my hulk. About my fantasy, I love anal sex and anal fisting too much, I love it when everything explodes inside, I have the strongest orgasm from punch fisting. When a fist flies into my ass, I am dreaming of stretching out to accept double fisting in anal and double fisting vaginally at the same time, having four fists in my body.

Toys used in Nikoletta Joy (Ketsweet)'s Videos
Mr Hankey’s Latin Lover Dildo
Circumference: 31cm
Mr Hankey’s Mateo Dildo
Circumference: 32.78cm
Mr Hankey’s Ogre Dildo
Circumference: 42.54cm
Mr. Hankey’s Seahorse Dildo
Circumference: 38.1cm
Mr. Hankey’s Goliath Dildo
One Size
Circumference: 40.30cm
Mr Hankey’s Dragon Dildo
Circumference: 32.39cm
Mr. Hankey’s Boss Hogg Dildo
Circumference: 36.83cm
Doc Johnson American Bombshell Bunker Buster
One size
Circumference: 25.4cm
Wondertoys vSnake
Circumference: 14.13cm
Wondertoys Balldog Dildo
Circumference: 28.26cm
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