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Innocent Dezi
@ innocent-dezi
Pussy and Ass Sizes
38.4cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Genuinely big pussy able to take very large toys and objects
18 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: She does not do much anal play.
Other Information

Body Type:Average
Height:5 ft 9 in / 175-177 cm
Weight:150-159lbs / 68-72 kg
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color :Dark Brown
Hair Length: Mid-back length
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Favorite Position:Me On Top



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Q: How and when did you start stretching ?
A: I started stretching in 2006, For my boyfriend, now husband. We wanted to push my limits.

Q: What are your goals, how big you want to become?
A: I want to continue until I hit my physical max.

Q: What is your motivation?
A: I’m sort of a Size Queen. I always want to best myself.

Q: What is about you sharing your progress online, are you an exhibicionist?

A: I enjoy sharing my hobby. I love being exposed outdoors as well.

Q: What is your favourite toy?
A: My Caterpillar remains one of my favorite large toys, but I’ve spent a lot of time with my BAM as well.

Q: Tell me about you play with Caterpillar dildo, how do you use it – have you tried sitting on it with full weight?

A: I’ve gotten a lot further on my Caterpillar since my first videos, and yes i can put my full weight on it.

Q: What toy is on your wishlist?
A: I really would like an Oxball Pig-Hole FF, I’d love to stretch all day long with a softer/larger toy. I’m also dead set on trying a Mr. Hankey’s Goliath Dildo. Qween Selene’s amazing accomplishments have peaked my interest in extreme stretching after a 10 year hiatus.

Q: What is the craziest thing you shoved inside your pussy?
A: We’re really pretty vanilla, but we did commit a great act one night. My husbands pierced member entered from the rear, while we jacked him off through my back wall. O:-)

I am only now starting to play around with plugging an long term insertions. I love walking around plugged in.I plan to make a few outdoor videos before the winter sets in. I have never really fantasized about other objects. I prefer purpose built toys or fists currently.

Q: Many girls into stretching have something to do with BDSM, what is your case?
A: We do some urethral stretching and lactation play. After 10 years my milk is drying up as I’m getting back into shape.


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Toys used in Innocent Dezi's Videos
WAD Thermal Detonator
Circumference: 31.41cm
Brynhild dildo from Organotoy
One Size
Circumference: 38.1cm
Oxballs Pig-Hole FF Fuckplug
Circumference: 31.75cm
TSX Caterpillar Dildo
One Size
Circumference: 26cm
Bam Dildo
One size
Circumference: 23cm
Crack Attack
One Size
Circumference: 33cm
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