WAD Thermal Detonator

The WAD (Weapons of Ass Destruction) Thermal Detonator is definitely a challenge for your holes. The toy comes in thee different sizes. The triple heads on the toy will give you an exceptional experience, specially when pulling out.


WAD Thermal Detonator L measurements
Height28 cm (11.02″)
Width 1st Head7,7 cm (3.03″)
Circumference 1st Head24.19 cm (9.52″)
Width 2nd Head9 cm (3.54″)
Circumference 2nd Head28.27 cm (11.12″)
Width 3rd Head10 cm (3.93″)
Circumference 3rd Head31.41 cm (12.36″)


WAD Thermal Detonator M measurements
Height26.5 cm (10.43″)
Width 1st Head5 cm (1.96″)
Circumference 1st Head15.70 cm (6.18″)
Width 2nd Head5.5 cm (2.16″)
Circumference 2nd Head17.27 cm (6.79″)
Width 3rd Head6.5 cm (2.55″)
Circumference 3rd Head20.42 cm (8.03″)


WAD Thermal Detonator S measurements
Height22 cm (8.66″)
Width 1st Head4 cm (1.57″)
Circumference 1st Head12.56 cm (4.94″)
Width 2nd Head5 cm (1.96″)
Circumference 2nd Head15.70 cm (6.18″)
Width 3rd Head5.5 cm (2.16″)
Circumference 3rd Head17.27 cm (6.79″)

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