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29cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Fistable, double fist coming soon. Gapes easily.
17 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: She does not do much anal play.
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Age:25 years,
Orientation: heterosexual
From: Roma, Italy
Seeking: Female, heterosexual
English, Italian

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Q: When and why did you start to stretch your pussy, how did you find out that huge dildos, fisting etc.. turns you on?

A:About starting stretching, we started to be able to take a whole male hand. We started stretching for fisting. Before that we used to play with household items like candles, vegetables, small bottles and so, then we moved to dildos and sex toys.

We always had a thing for push our limits a bit. But before fisting the most extreme things we did was double penetration ( all possible combinations 😛 ) with a dildo.

During the journey to being able to take my bf hand, it took almost a year of discontinuous training, I discovered the pleasure of stretching, so we stopped to stretch for fisting, but stretching itself became the new goal.

About huge dildos, it’s quite fun. It was the time when imageboards were still a thing and Bad Dragon was somehow a trending topic. We started considering those enormous toys to be mostly a meme, or furnitures for freaks, to be proud owners of an XL Vergil in less than a couple of years.

Well, I don’t wanna say I’ve discovered huge dildos with Bad Dragon, but we took huge dildos in consideration with them. I don’t like them so much anymore, but we have to say that some years ago they used to be the best on the market and the firs pleasant looking XXXL dildos around.

Q: I saw couple pictures of you where you are in bondage. A lot of stretching is about tight borderline between pain and pleasure. How is your perception of BDSM and/or pain involved in stretching?

A: Yes, we like Shibari, but we are not into BDSM at all. Some of the things we love could be considered borderline but there’s not sub/dom dynamics in our relation or plays. I don’t like pain, not at all, and for me stretching never involves pain. That’s probably one of the reason why we needed so long for our first fisting and why my progress are slow compared to other amateurs.

About my general perception of BDSM, pain and stretching, well, my answer is from an outsider but considering how much communication is needed to enjoy a good session, especially if you want to push your limits a bit, and considering that’s stretching is also not free from risks (small and not so small health risks I mean), I think that mixing all together must be really really hard, at least if you want both partner to enjoy it. I’m sure that there are experienced couple able to reach the perfect balance but in my experience they are not the majority.

Q: So, what are your stretching goals, how far do you want to go?

A: I don’t have a final goal at the moment. I will keep going until I will be comfortable with it, or until I will find my very limit.
I hope to reach double fisting at some point, I hope soon, but really, I don’t have goals about stretching. I’m more interested in the side effects, like a nice gape!

Q: Well, as you say – No one would expect a slim and fit girl to have such a big hole between your legs. It makes me wonder if you would go in a bar with first guy – would he notice that something is different? 🙂

A: What do you think? Anyway yes, I’m sure he would definitely notice the difference

Q: I saw you being fucked in a fake pussy inside your pussy, what is the story behind this video?

A: The story about the fake pussy is pretty short. I’ve seen something similar, I guess a gif on Tumblr, and I was instantly hooked. We bought our fake pussy just to use it inside me.

Anyway, being really really soft it’s not really a huge improvement in tightness, a double penetration with a tick dildo or a sleeve are better imho. But for me the idea of needing another pussy inside of me to being a bit more tight is a huge turn on. 🙂

Q: How is everyday life with a loose pussy like yours, do you queef when doing exercise, or is your insatiable pussy leaking through your panties, or any other difference to a “tight little pussy”?

A: About everyday life, it’s quite regular for me. I think that having two big labia helps a lot to keep it close after all. I rarely have problems with queefing, but sometimes it happens. it’s quite common in some positions during exercise or yoga.Sometimes water get in when i take a bath and yes, sometimes I also have some leakages, but nothing extremely extraordinary.

Q: You mentioned on your twitter than you have sometimes problems holding your pee, like when a fist is pulled out of you, how do you feel about it?

A: About leakages, it happened just sometimes during sex and more often during fisting or when I play with eggs or round toys

Q: Tell me about your orgasms, are you multiorgasmic, squirter, what was your most intense orgasm etc? – just want to educate our users about you.

A: I’m not multiorgasmic, I can have more than one in a row, but a big one at the end is more satisfying for me. About squirting, it happens sometimes, It’s fun but a bit messy. 😛
About my most intense orgasms, they all happened during stretching, with double penetrations or attempts to fist me with him already inside.

Q: Can you easily cum just with a dick, without clit stimulation?

A: I prefer something inside and then some clit stimulation. Fisting is probably the best way. Lately I need big toys to feel something and I lose arousal if I’m not stretched enough. But yes, I can have orgasms with just a penis, and even with nothing inside. Just not my favourite way.

Q: How do you feel when just a dick is inside, do you crave more and bigger?

A: To be honest? Not all the time, obviously. But If I want something stimulating I pick a huge dildo or I ask for fisting. Even with just tender vanilla sex, a couple of extra fingers alongside his dick are usually mostly appreciated.

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Mr Hankey’s Big Daddy Dildo
Circumference: 31.4cm
Organotoy Egg XL
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