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Gape Slut
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Pussy and Ass Sizes
29.2cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Huge cavity inside a small body frame
22 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Unknown

Q: So, you are a couple – which one of you had the idea to stretch you out?
A: Yes, we are a couple!
It was kinda my idea to stretch me out as I always asked for bigger dildos, and enjoyed his dick inside me with another dildo, eventually it evolved into where we are today.

Q: You mentioned on your PporHhub, that you want to be bigger than Selene (biggest pussy in the world) do you really mean that? Tell me about your stretching routine, give us some idea about your pain tolerance and how much do you (or your partner) push yourself?

A: I’ve always admired Selene and was fascinated when I saw her bottom out on Mr hankey’s Goliath. I wanted to emulate her and I’m on a mission to reach her level and one day hopefully surpass it.
Q: How long do you guys do stretching – you popped up just recently online, is it a new thing, or been doing that for years?


A: My stretching routine is sleeping with a anal balloon pump inside my pussy, pumped up to 40cm or so for 8 hours+. During our sex routines, he pumps it so much where my stomach expends. We are getting close to double fisting, but his hands are massive, like I mean massive XXXL, but we will get there eventually. My pain tolerance is really low and I tend to push myself more and more each day because of this. With my small frame of the body I am surprised at how massive my pussy has become.

We have been using quite large dildos for the last several years, however the last few years we started evolving into fisting and extreme stretching. We decided to start a PornHub channel and showcase my massive gaping skills in hopes to be in the top five massive gaping pussies in the next couple years.


Q: How do you feel after coming out in public and posting your first videos?

A: It’s exciting! I’ve always enjoyed people watching me, it’s a huge turn-on. It first started when I went to a sex club in Vegas called ’The Green Door’ and I had crowd watch my husband fuck the shit out of me.

Q: Sleeping with an inflatable is hot as fuck, don’t you wake up and get horny in the middle of the night?

A: Sleeping with an inflatable is amazing! Took a while to get used to, but now I barely notice it while I’m sleeping. My favorite part is pulling it out in the morning and feeling the pull/stretch which makes me horny.

Q: Also I have posted a public post where people can comment and ask followup questions (first time I am doing that during interview) can are you comfortable with that kind of exposure? What you are getting from being shared, commented and what way you want the audience to treat you?

A: I love the idea of a public post where people can comment and ask follow-up questions. I am super comfortable with that kind of exposure as people watching, commenting & suggesting makes me horny just thinking about it. Maybe they can provide ideas for future videos for me to submit. That is what I am getting from being shared and hope people would treat me like the dirty slut I am :).

Q:  That leads to my next question: ”Gape Slut”, slut is defined as ”a woman who has many casual sexual partners” do you enjoy sleeping around, or why did you choose this name?

A: I am definitely a slut! A slut with a big pussy, that’s why I chose the name. I enjoy going to swingers clubs, which my husband introduced to me years back. He enjoys watching me get gang banged with multiple partners just as much as I enjoy getting gang banged by multiple partners, it’s a win-win.



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