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Clyde @ bionegetone
Pussy and Ass Sizes
48.5cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: <<<<----- Look Here Selene actualy broke my website's size meter. First ever woman to conquer Goliath dildo.
19 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: She does not do much anal play
Other Information

Selene is the only woman that conquered the Goliath dildo. In fact she bottomed out on it pretty early and now she even puts a BAM dildo or a Cyclops dildo next to Goliath. Which is pretty damn crazy.

Selene and her gaping monster pussy

Selene and her oversized toys that she trains her pussy with

Selene is traning her pussy every morning just like on the picture

Measurements of the toys that she uses


Not enough? Look here! WORLD RECORD PUSSY

Toys used in Bionegetone aka QweenSelene's Videos
Mr. Hankey’s Goliath Dildo
One Size
Circumference: 40.30cm
Oxballs Pig-Hole FF Fuckplug
Circumference: 31.75cm
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