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34.9cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Very big with lots of room for further stretching
25 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Unknown
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Slackholes Admin: Miss Dora submitted herself as a new actor.

Form looked something like this:

I’m Miss Dora, a starting sizequeen content creator.
I wasnt able to send a DM on twitter ( don’t have a paid membership? )  i guess you can only chat with followers? 

This is my twitter:

As you can see i’ve already mastered the 2XL TCJ with a 13.75″ circumference.

Slackholes Admin:

Q: When I heard starting size queen I was not expecting such a very large pussy size, wow!

A: Me and my partner started this size queen journey roughly half a year ago. So it surprised the both of us how easily his hand and shortly after, large toys fitted. Even a double hand fist session is not that hard at the moment. My partner came up with the idea of creating content since it’s pretty unique and not a lot of competitors, therefore maybe easy to start a business! 

In the past month we are creating content and setting up different websites/accounts to get this going. Totally new for us so still a learning curve. 

My partner does all the filming, editing and behind the screen work. We are both reading and replying on mails / dm’s so we are doing this together 🙂 Dora is be able to read and respond to anything coming in on twitter etc. 

We are still figuring out what we want to create and see if things start flowing or not. We want to try it out for half a year starting from now and see if the business will grow or just stop with it. I personally think she is doing amazing but she is very skeptical and thinks she is now quite up to the rest. But we will see how much motivation and fans are flowing in to make her more exited! 

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