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Maxeen Green
@ maxeengreen
Pussy and Ass Sizes
28cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Loves to pump and gape her pussy.
22 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Able to take BAM dildo.

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Q: So, Maxeen, how did you start with the type of porn you are doing, how did you become a gaping, pumped size queen?

A: The type of porn I create all started with tentacle porn. I would play those online porn games. Once I found porn I needed to masterbate however I could, so naturally weird object insertion was my niche. Then I figured out anal is awesome. After finding anal (it wasn’t nearly as popular at the time) it was lacking certain content. I set out to create porn that wasn’t available to me. The other man factor is my fans. They definitely encouraged me to gape and pump. I started finding out kinks i’m interested in through my fans. Naturally you want to top the last thing you ever put inside you, so you start to gape!

Q: Where we can find most of your content, what platform do you like to use to share?
A: Most of my content is on Onlyfans! I have a Instagram and Tumblr also, however they are PG13. Onlyfans is XXX. Onlyfans has long videos, and photo sets.

Q: Been browsing through your old tumblr and found you offering naughty skype sessions. Do you still enjoy doing those?
A: Yes, I do personalized skype shows and I make custom videos. Send me a message if you’d be interested in either of those. (I let people keep the video of the skype call as well) Skypes are a blast because you actually get to talk to me and interact. I promise I don’t too bite hard. Hehe

Q: Big of a naughty question, brace yourself! I wonder what size should I put you down as. What is the biggest object or toy in each of your cavities? 🙂

A: The biggest toy I’ve ever had in my pussy was the Titan Men Butt plug. The circumference was 28cm. The biggest one that’s ever been in my butt is The Bam which is 22cm!

Q: Q: What do you expect from a similar website like Slackholes? I created this website to connect actors to promoters, is there something that you would want specifically in your career?

A: I expect Slackholes to be easy for me to navigate and manage. I hope that I can one day directly upload videos to the site. Instead of linking to videos. Other than that it’s been awesome. If I have any suggestions I’ll be sure to message you.

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