Mr Hankey’s Kalib

Size: XXL
11.6 cm
36.58 cm

Actors that use this toy:
Lovesanalxxx / Siswet (Siswet19)

Kalib from Hankey’s Toys has a massive head that is sure to be a challenge for even the most trained holes – If you like it big in the beginning and a ‘pop’ at the top then this toy is for you! Texture is smooth with ridges.

Kalib Dildo Size Chart
Kalib Dildo Small S MED/LG XXL
Circumference near head 8.60″ 11.35″ 14.40″
Circumference near middle 6.50″ 8.00″ 10.10″
Circumference near base 6.75″ 9.40″ 11.90″
Overall length 8.50″ 10.50″ 13.00″
Insertable length 7.10″ 9.30″ 12.00″
Strapon Ring Size 2.50″ 3.00″ N/A

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