Mr Hankey’s Kalib

Size: XXL
11.6 cm
36.58 cm

Actors that use this toy:
Lovesanalxxx / Siswet (Siswet19)

Kalib from Hankey’s Toys has a massive head that is sure to be a challenge for even the most trained holes – If you like it big in the beginning and a ‘pop’ at the top then this toy is for you! Texture is smooth with ridges.

Kalib Dildo Size Chart
Kalib DildoSmall SMED/LGXXL
Circumference near head8.60″11.35″14.40″
Circumference near middle6.50″8.00″10.10″
Circumference near base6.75″9.40″11.90″
Overall length8.50″10.50″13.00″
Insertable length7.10″9.30″12.00″
Strapon Ring Size2.50″3.00″N/A

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