American Bombshell Shell Shock

Size: L
8.4 cm
26.31 cm

Actors that use this toy:

The shellshock plug comes in two sizes (S & L) but both pack some girth. This rounded yet very wide plug with flat base can be atached to a Vac-U-Lock suction cup so you can really pound your holes with it.


Shell Shock L measurements
Total Lenght21.33 cm (8.4″)
Insertable Length19.05 cm (7.5″)
Circumference26.31 cm (10.36″)
Width 8.38 cm (3.3″)


Shell Shock S measurements
Total Lenght15.24 cm (6″)
Insertable Length12.44 cm (4.9″)
Circumference23.13 cm (9.11″)
Width7.36 cm (2.9″)

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