LW Tip Mr Hankey’s toys

Size: XXXL
11.5 cm
36.2 cm

Actors that use this toy:
Michelle Turner (Maria) / NiciXdream

From Hankey’s Toys:

When circumference matters, the LW TIP is ready to please. This beast has all the girth you love from the Lampwick, minus the length. We have been holding onto this gem for a special occasion and the time has come. Originally sculpted from clay, the LW TIP has aptly combined a short length with mega-girth – boasting 14.25″ on our largest version! One size does not fit all. So, we have resized this goliath to offer something for almost everyone. With four size options, three lifelike shades, and two choices for the perfect firmness, we know you’ll find the large silicone dildo you’ve been dreaming about! With the perfect amount of texture and realistic feeling veins, you’ll triumph like a hero with styles like the rounded soldier helmet. A must-have for girth fans, this one will leave you feeling fuller than ever while granting you the ability to bottom out, leaving nothing to waste.

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