Pussy and Ass Sizes
20cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Pussy is gaping when she plays with her ass.
26 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Her asshole gapes very easily. Prolapse is also pretty easy for her.
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Q: Lets make a short interview
A: I have this body to make porn baby.

Q: How and when you started stretching?
A: I really started when I was a teenager. While I bathed. I put all kinds of objects in my ass.

Q: What are your stretching goles?
A: I always liked the hard anal. I watched porn with huge gapes and thought “I want that!”

Q: What is your motivation?
A: A great motivation to prolapse was DirtyGarden. Today we talk. Who knew that would happen!

Q: What are your stretching goals?
A: I can currently use a Sakurai XO speculum completely open. And that is huge. I want to achieve the Sakurai XXO speculum completely open.

Q: Do you also train your depth, would you like to be able to get so deep as HKJ for example?
A: I do. I can put 60cm, you can watch my video.

Q: I struggle to find any content about you online. Things that you got on twitter are impressive but outside twitter there is nothing.
A: Because I’m Melisa Wide a year ago. And I want everyone to call me Melisa now.

Q: How do you get your ass cleaned, what is your enema technique?
A: I remove the flower of the hand shower. I never use the hand shower. I put the hose in my ass and use water under pressure. When I expel the water, the prolapse is instantaneous.

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