Pussy and Ass Sizes
42cm (Circumference)

Pussy Skills: Beautiful large pussy that can be instantly double fisted
15 cm (Circumference)
Ass Skills: Tight ass

Q: So tell us something about you and you stretching journey?
A: Ann is 47 years old, and we have been fisting and doublefisting for 4 years. We have made tons of video and we really love extreme stretching and fisting.

Q: So what is the biggest size that you have stretched Ann?
A: Its hard to say, because we use mostl my two hands, but I would say around 42cm I can pull out my balled fists simoutaneously very easy, and its getting her crazy orgasms! In fact she is addicted to the deep long orgasms the brutal treatment of her pussy gets her. Endorfines makes her mood go straight up. And I dont wait when it’s time for her medicine

Q: Deep orgasms? Tell us more About her orgasms, how long they last, does she squirt?

A: Squirming orgasms up to 30 seconds, but she enyoys beeing single and doublefisted several minutes after. She squirt sometimes. A session ends up almost everytime, me fucking fisting and jerking off in her superloose pussy

Q: She is really big and open, can you describe how it is to “normally” fuck such an permanently gaping and open cunt?
A:If it has been some days and we do common fucking, her pussy feels pretty normal actually. But i can ram my both hands right in right after. She is soo elastic! We really like common sex too, but to get her a real orgasm doublefisting and eating her clit does the trick

Q: How often do you play?
A: We fist/doublefist 1-6 times a week but 2-3 times is “normal” now

Q: What turns you on to share your pleasures with the world?
A: Mostly me that’s into the internet thing she dont care as long its anonymous. She is a little turned on by it.

Q: When was the last time you have fisted her?
A: Yesterday. Ann really was in mood, so we had some sex anyway. Doublefisting orgasm.On her back spreads her legs, beautiful gape. Just push right fist in an give her some foreplay.

Q: Does she have that crazy double fisting orgasm in any of those videos on xHamster?
A: Not the biggest one, videos are a little dated, she is looser and gets better orgasms now. Does it everytime now, even harder well try make a new soon, and get big orgasm on video online.

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