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    10 months, 3 weeks ago

    Hi everyone I’m trying to get deep down and am having trouble 👿 I can get a narrow toy in 18-20 inches but can’t get it opened up for wider toys! Anyone got any pointers

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    • Use a more flexible you and good lube and slowly you’ll accommodate it all, at times you’ll need to sit on it and bounce your way to feeling comfortable enough to push further, and when you do , only and inch or two at a time, I am 5’6″ 29″ waist, and I went from thebhead of a 3″ wide tip to 10″ deep in 18 months time and I am not done yet 4 inches to go, feel free to contact me challenge to discuss options to proceed deeper, Buddy

      • Awesome reply. I’m here to help if I can. I actually went out and bought modeling clay. Rolled out a sheet about 1/8” thick and wrapped it around my dildo and then a condom over top. Worked it in so nice over a few showers. Old condom off, add another 1/8” sheet of clay, new condom, and enjoy the oh so good pressure. Another sheet of clay, another condom. Until you’re ready to buy your next toy. That’s my answer from the hot tub with a hard on. Now I need to take a good deep cleaning shower…

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