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Abigail Dupree

Veggie Orifice Stuffed sex slave part 1 with Abigail Dupree
Pussy Circumference 23 cm
Ass Circumference 28.6 cm
About: True lifestyle BDSM slave. Abigail is a cock sucking ass kissing professional slave, whos master shows her off before public eye. True masochist, worthwhile every minute of her content. Her brand is pierced labia spread apart. She did a lot of cam-shows, now she is quite difficult to find on cam. Slave Registration Number: SLRN 525-871-465

Alexis (QueenOfStretch, Petite Fisting Queen)

Alexis is getting her wrecked pussy Double Fisted while she is teasing her clit with hitachi
Pussy Circumference 35 cm
Ass Circumference 15 cm
About: Alexis is one of the amateurs out there who just loves showing off her talent. She loves impaling herself with full weight on some of the most extreme toys. Toy arsenal includes Bad Dragon toys, Mr Hankeys toys and many others.

Annabelle Dangel aka Queen Annabell

Anna fucks a gargantuan dildo insanely hard
Pussy Circumference 29.5 cm
Ass Circumference 28.5 cm
About: Annabelle is a french submissive porn actress. She is in her forties and she comes from Boulogne sur gesses area. Annabelle was active on her Tumblr and you can find most of her content on xvideos model channel. Both of her holes are stretched and her pussy was modified. It seems like her clit was de-sensitized so she can cum only from huge and extreme insertions.

Arbalet aka Glock1974

Arbalet  Huge dildo
Pussy Circumference 30 cm
Ass Circumference 12 cm
About: Arbalet is one of the names related to domestic amateur porn. They are a couple named Sergey and Victoria. Victoria is a sexy brunette with a naturally big pussy and lips, when watching her play with some of the biggest dildos on the market it seems that insertions are very easy for her. Lot of her videos and pics can be found on the net, however finding one showing her face was rare but possible. Later they went on pro selling at MyDirtyHobby under the name Glock1974. Big part of their collection is available on their Xhamster profile.


Argendana October News
Pussy Circumference 18 cm
Ass Circumference 33 cm
About: Anal only stretching MILF from Argentina. She is an independent producer that loves to be degraded. Her turn-ons include painful anal insertions, dilation and double anal fisting. Dana started stretching very early, so the results of stretching her asshole size are pretty impressive. You can find most of her content on Manyvids.


Asian Webcam girl takes many plug in ass and anal orgasm
Pussy Circumference 23 cm
Ass Circumference 25.3 cm
About: Jeje aka Asianqueen93 is extremely tiny little fucktoy, considering she claims to have only 39kg. She is a cam model who just likes to put a lot of ohmibod or any other toys inside her pussy or ass and squirt like crazy! Also she has an arsenal of oversized toys which she mostly puts in her ass.

BadBabyAlice aka Bbmix996

BADBABYALICE ‏AKA bbmix996 playing with some huge toy on cam and showing off her slack holes
Pussy Circumference 24 cm
Ass Circumference 23 cm
About: Alice is a beautiful Russian camgirl from Vladivostok. Apart from her stunning beauty Alice is gifted with naturally big and loose holes which are gaping very easily. When a toy is removed from her ass or pussy, said hole stays open for a very long time and you can enjoy the view. She is mostly active on Bongacams and MFC and if you are watching her, you can see how much she loves to fill her holes with big dildos and fists.

Badlittlegrrl aka Nicole Smith

badlittlegrrl having T-W-O speculums in her stretched-out holes
Pussy Circumference 25.5 cm
Ass Circumference 26.5 cm
About: Nicole Smith aka Badlittlegrrl is a professional porn actress and also a stretching addict. Nicole does cam shows on Chaturbate, custom videos on demand through her website, sells her pee, squirt and even used lube (that she injected in her ass before). Enema is another thing that she does a lot in her videos. Just check out her links. Crazy little girl she is indeed!

Bella Pepper

baseball bat fuck ass skvrting and prolapse for Bella Pepper
Pussy Circumference 23 cm
Ass Circumference 27.5 cm
About: Heavily tattooed Russian actress with killer curves who has appeared in several fetish videos both giving and receiving anal and vaginal fisting, including double anal and pussy fisting. She seems to be a good submissive slut, enjoying the kinky play and squirting readily. There does not appear to be much information about her, or any commercial presence. She dropped off the radar shortly after getting a butterfly tattoo around her asshole. One of the craziest girls around, she does not hesitate to be fucked by a toilet plunger in the ass, being fisted doggystyle on toilet floor, drinking piss or fucking a bottle of whiskey in her ass.

Bionegetone aka QweenSelene

Pussy Circumference 41.3 cm
Ass Circumference 19 cm
About: Couple where she is a proper stretching addict, size queen and big toy lover. There are only couple videos on xhamster and twitter but its worth every second. She defines her pussy as "Loose Fuckmeat" which she truly is. Their goal is to wreck her goal beyond any limit. She is wearing a toy inside her for most of the day underneath the clothes and training daily. She has also a twitter QweenSelene and few videos for Sicflics. Selene is the first woman to conquer Goliath dildo. Check them out.


britneybaby18 tight pussy is wrecked by a bad dragon dildo
Pussy Circumference 26 cm
Ass Circumference 19.5 cm
About: Britneybaby18 is a studio in the US that features few girls. Always the girl is anonymous, has got a slim body and flexible holes. The girl is an object, which is performing extreme insertions with Bad Dragon or other toys. If you watch her cam-shows hardly you get to interact with her, she just jams the toy in her twat without any hard feelings. Very unique experience. Also consider that this studio is online most of the day. Girls are very similar, hard to distinguish between them.


Daddys lil fuck slut Ruined Pussy Swallowing Tentacle & Forearm Dildo Fucking Ft. MrHankeysToys
Pussy Circumference 26 cm
Ass Circumference 20 cm
About: Lilly is a pussy stretching addict, she has a slim body and beautiful stretched pussy. Littlelillyfuckslut likes to fuck with her boyfriend after stretching sessions where their turn on is related to how she cannot feel anything while he is fucking her.


Extreme amateur DevoteWichsvorlage fucking gigantic vegetables
Pussy Circumference 29.8 cm
Ass Circumference 22.5 cm
About: Simone is playing very extreme. Her inner and outer labia pierced and her pussy visually stretched out. She likes to put very unusual stuff inside her body, from any strange liquids, candles, salami, vegetables or even shoes. She pisses all over herself for breakfast, Fists her holes after she injects some unknown slime inside her twat. Nothing is too extreme for DevoteWichsvorlage. Sadly Recently she has not been active. True Legend.

DirtyGardenGirl aka Donna Flower

Stretching ass with inflatible dildo
Pussy Circumference 32 cm
Ass Circumference 32 cm
About: DirtyGardenGirl is a professional ass and pussy prolapse queen, size queen and ultimate stretching addict. Even her pee hole is being stretched out, you know she means business if you see her prolapse. Just to mention, she is the only woman that can get THREE fists in both pussy and ass. You can find her content everywhere, she is well known legend and a true SlackHoles queen. Donna is not a shy girl, she loves to be at the center of view and she really enjoys attention.

Elmer's wife Irma

Fisting the wifes wrecked holes at the beach
Pussy Circumference 32 cm
Ass Circumference 30 cm
About: Elmer's wife is Asian amateur model, who has been stretching both her holes for several years and she and her husband managed to achieve great results. Elmer is a dominant and very perverse husband. His wife is usually very passive and submissive.

Esa Doll Misa

Esa Doll Misa is having a four roses whiskey in her twat
Pussy Circumference 29 cm
Ass Circumference 15 cm
About: Misa is a submissive owned by her master. From what you can see online she really enjoys being stretched and her pussy expanded to be able to take wide toys. She has very slim and tiny body and gaping cunt, so it is an ideal combination. She was active on Tumblr but nowadays she mainly posts on Onlyfans, Reddit and some other socials.


godsinanalcove enjoys her new inflatable plug and does some fisting
Pussy Circumference 29 cm
Ass Circumference 17 cm
About: Virginia & Enea are Another couple hooked into stretching, Fisting, extreme insertions and they have taken their kink into next level. She loves to be shared and exposed all over the internet. They have content on a lot of tube sites, ale open for chat or for inspiration. Nevertheless they are not interested in meets.

Helen aka Amaturhelene (Sicflics)

Helen fucked by extreme strap on
Pussy Circumference 35.49 cm
Ass Circumference 21 cm
About: Professional stretching model, who came in love with stretching her pussy through big cocks which gave her strong orgasms. Over time she got more and more hooked on stretching. She likes fisting, huge insertions, large toys and objects. Helen is a squirter and loves to dress up in latex and fetish gear. One of her dreams is to take three large cocks at the same time. Helen is one of few females who conquered the monster Goliath dildo from Mr. Hankey's toys, so I am sure she can handle three cocks easily. Best way to see her content is on Sicflics or she has some videos on Spankbang.com


Hotkinkyjo & Sasha Star elbow deep anal fisting belly bulge
Pussy Circumference 22 cm
Ass Circumference 31.6 cm
About: HotKinkyJo is anal only stretching model. She is very petite and slim with big boobs and it is very sexy to see her putting so many huge objects inside her tiny body. Her specialty is extremely deep anal insertions, belly bulging and everything that goes deep inside her. Girls can put hands inside her elbow deep, dildos go inside her asshole almost 1 meter, this is all what Jo likes the most. Recently she published a video with the ultimate Mr. Hankeys Goliath dildo where she was able to take it pretty deep in her asshole.

Husband Fist Wife

Husband Fists Wife are plying with  a big dildo. She is getting fisted and dildo is inside her at the same time. There is visible belly bulging in this video too – enjoy!
Pussy Circumference 35 cm
Ass Circumference 16 cm
About: Maried couple in their twenties that are into pussy stretching, large dildos, fisting, double fisting - even triple fisting! You can see in their videos they value privacy, nevertheless you can contact them and ask for private videos. Depth of her pussy is pretty impressive you can see her belly bulge as the has a small body.

Innocent Dezi

Innocent Dezi’s Big Toy Workout – Clip
Pussy Circumference 34 cm
Ass Circumference 18 cm
About: Innocent Dezi is an amateur size queen, who is stretching her pussy from early age. True stretching addict, with a collection of oversized toys and a fairly large pussy with pierced clit. Usually she posts videos where she is stuffing her toys in her pussy, and showing off her stretching talents. Dezi mentioned that she is doing video requests, so if you have some, don't hesitate to contact her. She is a proud member of Slackholes, and you can also find her active on her Xtube and BDSMLR.


Isitnormalforyou sexy couple enjoy fisting and pussy creampie
Pussy Circumference 27 cm
Ass Circumference 20 cm
About: Young sexy couple who enjoys stretching their holes to the limit. She is a bit younger in her twenties and he is in his thirties. They are open for meets so reach out to them if you wish. Best to reach them is on Twitter or Pornhub.

Jeri Lynn

Jeri Lynn Self Fisting in Chucks and Skirt
Pussy Circumference 29 cm
Ass Circumference 15 cm
About: Jeri Lynn is a giant toy and BBC lover. She started stretching when she was 19. On camera you can see her between bunch of bad dragon toys and her BBC boyfriends cock. She is caming since 2009 and more and more she is growing her love for being stretched. Also her toys collection is enormous, she owns more than 60+ various huge toys.


Brutally punch fisting her ruined teen pussy  JungesFetischPaar
Pussy Circumference 28 cm
Ass Circumference 22 cm
About: Jenny and Lukas are from German city Ruhrgebeit. They live true fetish lives. His girlfriend is his submissive and slave and he abuses her publicly. This is their lifestyle. They are mostly active on mydirtyhobby.com but you can find their content on almost every video tube site. They do Cam shows too but only rarely.

Karina aka KarinaHH

Gangbang double fisting for Karina
Pussy Circumference 27.5 cm
Ass Circumference 20 cm
About: Karina is submissive porn actress. He is usually dominated by one or multiple males, who do whatever they want with her on camera. Below is a selection of her free movies that she was stretched. Her dom husband stretches and trains her pussy to take extreme insertions, but she is used in a lot of ways, you can see her being gangbanged, pissed on, putting oranges, kong toys and lot of various stuff done with her body. She is active on mydirtyhobby as well as selling her content on various sites.

Karla Kole

Machine Fucking, Self Fisting and Amazing Squirting Gape for Karla Kole
Pussy Circumference 24 cm
Ass Circumference 26 cm
About: You can recognize Karla Kole by her bright blue hair and by her tattoos. Sometimes she plays with her pussy - most of the time she is busy stretching, fisting and training her asshole. She has got a fuckingmachine that she uses frequently to get off.

Layla Extreme

Layla Extreme is inserting Big Baby Toys and then Birthing them out!
Pussy Circumference 31 cm
Ass Circumference 15 cm
About: Layla started stretching her pussy at the age of 18 years. Double fisting is just a foreplay and she is able to take much bigger toys. She is one of few woman who conquered the monster enigma dildo.


Lilrosiedoll hichati insertion and squirts with big dildos
Pussy Circumference 23 cm
Ass Circumference 23 cm
About: Rosie has got a very cute and soft voice. It makes it so sexy to hear her moan and squirt while her holes are full. Squirting is her main skill apart from stretching. It is incredible how many times she can squirt during a show.

Maria (sicflics)

Maria getting Brutal anal fisting and XXL insertions
Pussy Circumference 24 cm
Ass Circumference 35.2 cm
About: Maria is a mature milf that is into stretching for ages. She mostly produces for Sicflics. Inside her ass were one of the biggest toys on the market including XXXL BOSS HOGG dildo Dragon' and 'Seahorse XXXL dildo. She is not affraid to have glass jars inserted in her ass and also you can see her inserting 2 liter bottles in her asshole. Maria is obsessed with punishing and destroying her ass to bizarre levels and proudly earning her title as the supreme anal whore. Most of the time she is very passive, and her play partner just stuffs whatever he feels like inside her asshole.

Marina aka Vinetica

marina inserting a glass full of water
Pussy Circumference 34.5 cm
Ass Circumference 17 cm
About: Marina is the only woman that is able to insert 2.5 litre pepsi bottle in her pussy. Not sure if she is still active, but the videos that are around are just stunning. She fucks huge glass wine carafe, various bottles including absolut vodka bottle, vegetables and got some seriously big sextoys to play with too. If you find any more content, don't forget to share it!

Melisa Wide

Pussy Circumference 20 cm
Ass Circumference 26 cm
About: Melisa is a bisexual Swedish porn actress, anal slut, camgirl. Her main fetish is anal stretching, gape, prolapse. She started stretching and training her ass in young age. Her pussy is stretched out too - so she perfectly fits Slackholes.com featured actor. She does not stop only with stretching. Her ass is starting to be destroyed beyond any limit - she prolapses pretty easily and her prolapse stays hanging out of her asshole.


MonnChristine performing record breaking deep self fisting
Pussy Circumference 30 cm
Ass Circumference 16 cm
About: Moonchristine is a cam model that does huge dildos, fisting and all the usual business. What I find most attractive on her is the depth that she is able to take. You can find online videos of her, where she is fisting herself almost to the elbow depth. She is taking all her monster toys balls deep. At first I thought its an optical illusion or the toy is just too squashy but the truth is that she is gifted with extremelly deep vagina. Ocasionally she does videos with a male, and you can buy her videos on manyvids.

Mother of Dragons

Mother of Dragons fisting and almost double fist
Pussy Circumference 25 cm
Ass Circumference 16 cm
About: Young couple who enjoys stretching and Bad Dragon toys. They shoot very HQ videos. Pleasure to watch!

Naughty Alysha

Naughty Alysha surrounded by thousand toys
Pussy Circumference 29.5 cm
Ass Circumference 18 cm
About: Naughty Alysha is a professional pussy stretcher. She is a total pussy stretching legend.


Naughtyelle destroying her asshole with Goliath dildo from Mr. Hankey’s toys
Pussy Circumference 28 cm
Ass Circumference 28 cm
About: Naughtyelle is a Chaturbate only webcam model. Elle stretches both her holes in almost every show and they are simply epic. Most sexy about her is that she really enjoys playing on camera, you can see her squirt in pleasure, have multiple orgasms in very short time and still have enough energy to crave more. Check if she is online, and you might be lucky and see Naughtyelle fucking Goliath dildo deep in her slutty ass. Btw: Her dream is to be gangbanged by 50+ men. What a dream!


Tribute Padmaporn fucking her huge toys
Pussy Circumference 28.5 cm
Ass Circumference 25 cm
About: Padma is an erotic artist - her main artistic skills are to squirt-the-fuck-out all the sexy fluids she got in her body. Her description is that she is a sexual deviant, exploring sex from every angle. Over time she became a fisting addict and fucked her BAM dildo like there is no tomorrow. Not sure if she is active now, but you can still enjoy her content on youporn.com and other tube sites, and of course on slackholes.com.


12 inch Dildo Anal Belly Bulge
Pussy Circumference 16 cm
Ass Circumference 23 cm
About: Asian couple when she is being trained into extremely deep anal, belly bulge and all of this is usually mixed with a portion of pure woman submission. Active mainly on xhamster as Fitbootyqueen and Asiancumpet


RaisaWetsX Cervix Special trailer
Pussy Circumference 33 cm
Ass Circumference 31 cm
About: Raisa is that type of girl that loves ruining her both holes over any limits. When you see her performing live on her cam its just evident that she does not do it for the money, but she simply needs to stretch and wreck her holes. Both Raisa's holes are gaping and prolapsing very easily and just by looking at her body, you can immediately see that she is a size queen.

Samantha Luvcox

#1 Triple Fisting – Samantha Luvcox
Pussy Circumference 29 cm
Ass Circumference 21 cm
About: For years Samantha had the biggest cunt on earth, she received the "Greatest Pussy of the World" Surfoo Award. Her pussy is flexible but also well shaped, with nice labias. She's also one of the most creative and pushing-the-limits woman. Fruits, vegetables in multiple prenetration, inflation, monstruous dildoes, wisk, candles, saussages, balls, cans and bottle and more than you can imagine. YES, this fits in her cunt and she's one of the rare (the first?) that has done triple fist fucking.

Sasha (Argentina Naked)

Sasha from Argentinanaked – Huge Wine and Whisky Bottle Ana lInsertion. Prolapse Fingeri
Pussy Circumference 29 cm
Ass Circumference 28 cm
About: Professional porn actress with the most extreme prolapse of both of her holes. She is only active with Argentina Naked. She is able to push her ass and pussy prolapse beyond any limit. Her peehole is also penetrated and able to be fucked with a small dildo. In her ass and pussy she fucks huge dildos, cans, does milk enemas on cam any many more.

Sheila Stretch

Inflatable Warm Up  Sheila Stretch
Pussy Circumference 27 cm
Ass Circumference 15 cm
About: Amateur stretchee that does not just stretch her holes, but her desire is to completely wreck and ruin her hole(s). Permagape is her life goal. For fun she goes out swinging with a fleshlight in her wrecked twat and wonders if anyone notices the difference. Birthing fetishist enema enthusiast, and /r/HoleWreckers creator.


12” Cone toy Opens Up and permanently stretched my AssHole
Pussy Circumference 15 cm
Ass Circumference 32 cm
About: Siswet19 is anal only stretching queen. Most of the time, she does not even touch or penetrate her pussy. Her major skills are in extremely deep and girthy anal insertions. The ratio of her body size and her hole size is simply amazing. Sometimes it makes you wonder how the insertions she is performing are even possible. Recently siswet19 got a Mr. Hankey's Goliath dildo and her first try was pretty deep. Cannot wait for her train to take the dildo much deeper. Best way how to experience her skills is to watch her on live cam. She is online almost daily and its worth every minute!

Sonya Keller

Sonya Keller – Noisy Anal Exhibitionist Squirt 1 of 2
Pussy Circumference 27 cm
Ass Circumference 19 cm
About: Sonya Keller is a stunning redhead beauty. She is mostly active on chaturbate, where you can see her almost every day (register and get notified when she is online). She has a slim body and a beautiful face - her biggest gift is her pussy which is naturally big and open. Most of the time she plays with extremely thick dildo - once she takes it out, her pussy remains open for long time, showing us her lovely permanent gape.

Tabby Tender

Tabby gets punch fisted to leaky, creamy, yummy orgasm
Pussy Circumference 29 cm
Ass Circumference 25 cm
About: Tabby is a kind of lady where you don't get any sort of tightness. Even when you look at a video where she is double fisted, girls hands just freely move and slide inside her body. Double fisting Tabby is like putting your hands in a bucket of warm slimy water. I guess that her pussy defines the meaning of a Slack Hole - a pussy that has been stretched so many times, that any extreme insertion is practically instantaneous and with little resistance, moan, or arousal. Just jam your hands inside her and she will hardly notice.


utirusu plays with huge speculum, great american challenge dildo and some bottle in her roomy slack stretched out loose cunt
Pussy Circumference 29.6 cm
Ass Circumference 17 cm
About: Utirusu is a Japanese amateur wife. You can find videos of her fucking the widest and most unusual objects and toys. Toilet brush in her pussy is just the beginning. She fucked various glass bottles, vegetables, potatoes, hairbrushes, aluminum cans and even a road cone insertion. Utirusu's specialty is just how much cunt meat she has. Even when she is double fisted, you can see from the video that her pussy is not even getting near her limit. There is a video of her where she is having regular sex and it is simply out of proportion.

Veneisse (slavine18)

Veneisse Big toys
Pussy Circumference 34 cm
Ass Circumference 20 cm
About: Veneisse is a young woman that is into stretching. Her boyfriend took a big part in stretching her and sharing the progress online.

Vinam and Chim

Vinam Extreme Double Fisting in Pussy Vagina 2 Fists & 4 Fingers
Pussy Circumference 27 cm
Ass Circumference 25 cm
About: A brunette with pierced nipples and heavy pierced pussy, that is into the extreme stuff and S&M including big toys, cervix and peehole play, needles and saline inflation. When watching her content you will be shocked, on how much pain is she going through. She used to be a camgirl on an service named Goldenchat, and others. Her original videos were labeled Vinam & Chim, later her videos were labeled Vinam for one side and Stim99. Most of her videos, are sold in a personal website, however there's not new content from her, another model took her place.


Vixenmoon has got some seriously wrecked, prolapsed and gaping holes
Pussy Circumference 27 cm
Ass Circumference 26 cm
About: Vixenmoon si a young, slim stunning beauty with a kink. Her kink is to destroy and wreck her holes beyond any limit. Vixenmoon is also genuine about herself, you can see that she really enjoys being part of the community and she is not just a posh model. Just a really cute nedry little girl, that just happen to love to put orange in her ass, or totally wreck her cunt with a giant anal plug inbetween of playing Fallout, Bioshock or other games that she enjoys. Sweet little angel.


wwife Squatting with Buttplug
Pussy Circumference 26 cm
Ass Circumference 25 cm
About: Whore-Wife is a am-pro stretching actor. Both her holes are stretched to take at least a fist, so she is a good adept to be listed on SlackHoles.com. She is selling her content on her website and has got some free videos on tube sites.


Yanasincell fucking a huge black dildo
Pussy Circumference 28 cm
Ass Circumference 27 cm
About: Yanasincell is a submissive girl who lives with her master reffered as "Psycho". Her master wants her to have both of her holes stretched and destroyed, and because she is submissive and obedient she does what he wants and it makes her happy. Yana is one of the most obedient Camgirls out there. Most of the time she is on Chaturbate and if you tip her just a few tokens with instructions she will obey you as she does her master. If you ask her, she has some really oversized toys that she uses on daily basis and will perform any task you want with them. Her Psycho master sometimes does shows with her, stretching and wrecking her holes even further.

Yuji & Saki

Tiny Asian  Yuji  With A Huge Hole is getting double fisted in her ass
Pussy Circumference 25 cm
Ass Circumference 29 cm
About: YujiMP and Saki are couple. Japanese submissive girl is getting stretched, gang banged and abused on video, in public and she enjoys every bit of it! She has a very small body, but her holes and especially her asshole is able to accept the biggest plug that I have seen being inserted. She is able to be fisted in both holes. She does enema, gangbangs and generally she is a kinky little whore.


Anal fisting for skinny zarinaaaa
Pussy Circumference 23 cm
Ass Circumference 23 cm
About: Zarinaaaa is a cam model who likes it big and wide.


Zuleikaa anal playing with huge bad dragon dildo
Pussy Circumference 18 cm
Ass Circumference 27 cm
About: Sexy camgirl from Colombia. Zuleikaa likes to play with her asshole using her toys, including some really huge one. Her main skill is also anal depth training, where she is able to take toys really really deep - you will be surprised. She is mainly active on Chaturbate, but you can find her content around the main tube sites.

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